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Competitive eSports Preview Roller Champions sports Ubisoft

Roller Champions – A Brutal Adrenaline Rush on Roller Skates

Some movies are best left forgotten, but others seem so avant-garde that it almost feels like there was some sorcery involved. Rollerball is one such perfect example, a movie where a brutal futuristic sport took center stage – and I don’t mean the dreadful remake, but the 1975 original which was jam-packed with timely social […]

Battle Royale Competitive eSports Multiplayer Preview Proletariat PvP Spellbreak

Spellbreak – Magicka and Mayhem

Within a crowded, highly competitive genre, it takes something truly special to stand out. The ruthless Battle Royale genre exploded with the release of PUBG first and Fortnite Battle Royale next, and every year leaves countless bodies in its trail. It’s a tendency that repeats itself in regular cycles, as we have seen not so […]