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Cam Brierley Commercial Commercial News cs-go eSports Features HitmarkerJobs Interviews Latest News News by Region UK Uncategorized

Cam Brierley – HitmarkerJobs – What are esports employers looking for?

With the meteoric rise of the esports industry comes a growing demand for skilled and driven people. With such a proliferation of jobs across the globe – including, at one point, 1000 concurrent postings on HitmarkerJobs – the job market has reached a scale that poses new challenges for employers and workers alike. Cam Brierley, Content Lead at […]

Asia China cs-go Dimitri Vallette Dota 2 eSports Features Interviews Latest News Mars Media MDL Disneyland Paris Major Uncategorized

Dimitri Vallette – Mars Media – From China to Disneyland Paris

International esports tournaments aim to capture the attention of esports enthusiasts from all over the world and event organisers are trying to do this by delivering something new and unexpected. A Major Dota 2 tournament took place in Disneyland Paris in May, providing an experience unlike any esports audience had seen before. It has been […]

AFK AFK Creators cs-go eSports Features Haodong Zhang Interviews Latest News Matt Woods News by Region UK Uncategorized

Haodong Zhang & Matthew Woods – AFK Creators – Living off of live streaming

With the continual growth of the business surrounding live streaming, more and more esports athletes have become streamers to complement their esports career.  To help streamers kick off their careers smoothly, AFK Creators is dedicated to linking content creators to trustworthy companies in an attempt to make streaming a viable stream of income. Esports Insider […]

cs-go CS:GO eSports Features Interviews Latest News News by Region North America Serge Vardanyan Uncategorized Winners League

Serge Vardanyan – – Moving up the ranks

Based out of Minnesota, is aiming to revolutionize the lower tiers of esports. With its ever-growing WINNERS League competition for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it aims to offer amateur and semi-professional players a chance to hone their skills and move up in the competitive landscape. We sat down with Serge Vardanyan, Founder and CEO at about the company’s […]

Axe Beyond the Summit cs-go eSports Features FGC Interviews Latest News Pikachu Smash Smash Bros Smash Summit Super Smash Bros Super Smash Bros Melee Super Smash Brothers Uncategorized

Smash Summit – Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson – A mouse climbs a mountain

At one of the most stacked Smash events of the year Tempo Storm’s Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson, an Arizona Pikachu player, defied the odds and won the Smash Summit. Making history as the first Pikachu to win an event of this magnitude, we talk to Axe on how he broke through the walls and stopped the doubters […]

Commercial cs-go dignitas Epsilon eSports Esports Entertainment Group Gambling Grant Johnson Interviews Latest News Uncategorized

Grant Johnson – – Building an esports betting exchange

There’s undoubtedly been growth in esports betting over recent years. Entertainment and betting arguably go hand-in-hand and players are already betting on a multitude of titles ranging from Counter-Strike through to Hearthstone. In the gambling sphere, there’s barely a bookmaker now that doesn’t include esports and there’s a plethora of esports specific operators too. One […]

cs-go eSports faze Features Interviews Max Nicolaides Mischon Mischon de Reya Simon Leaf Tfue Uncategorized

Alex Byfield – Tfue v FaZe Q&A with Simon Leaf and Max Nicolaides of Mishcon de Reya LLP

In the second part of our guest from Mischon de Reya LLP, Alex Byfield spoke to Simon Leaf and Max Nicolaides of Mishcon de Reya LLP to find out more about the Tfue v FaZe fiasco. You can find part one HERE. Disclaimer: This is a guest post from Mishcon de Reya. Alex Byfield spoke […]

cs-go eSports Europe Features Forge of Masters Interviews Latest News North America Tug of War: Dire Uncategorized WepPlay! Yuriy Lazebnikov

Yuriy Lazebnikov – WePlay! – Solving esports’ grassroots problem

There’s little doubt that esports prize-pools are top-heavy. Take Dota 2’s The International as a prime example – and the winning team has taken home over $10,000,000 in the last two years – and looks set to do the same yet again this year. Meanwhile, below the top echelons of competition, there are players on […]

Chris Overholt Commercial Commercial News cs-go eSports Features Interviews Latest News LEC News by Region North America Overactive Media Overwatch League Splyce Toronto Defiant Uncategorized

Chris Overholt – OverActive Media – Becoming an industry leader

Not many companies have enough capital to obtain a spot in a franchised esports league, never mind more than one. OverActive Media is currently the only company in the entire industry to own franchises in three separate leagues: Riot Games’ LEC and Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League and upcoming Call of Duty league. To dig more […]

CARMAC cs-go ESL ESL One eSports Features IEM IEM Katowice Interviews Latest News Michal Blicharz Uncategorized

Michal “CARMAC” Blicharz – ESL – A life in esports

With over 15 years experience in the esports industry, Michal “CARMAC” Blicharz had done it all, seen it all and just about achieved it all. Now the Vice President of Pro Gaming at ESL, Michal has grown the Intel Extreme Masters to a level which has helped put esports on the map. This year’s IEM […]